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Providing strategic blueprints and expert services to energy and utility leaders demanding rapid results. Bringing experience, leadership, and insights together so industry leader can execute critical strategies while maintaining safe, reliable, and affordable services


Bringing experience, leadership, and insights together so industry leader can execute critical strategies while maintaining safe, reliable, and affordable services

Strategic Transformation

  • Strategy | Value/Results Delivery Office
  • IMO | Integration Management Office
  • Innovation | Utility of the Future
  • CoE | Launch Centers of Excellence

IT and Shared Services Optimization

  • Prepare | Map goals and targets
  • Align | Structure around the business
  • Consolidate | Execute optimization program
  • Measure | Define and track

Business Process Improvement

  • Automation | Identify goals and targets
  • Improvement | Structure around the business
  • Expand | Execute optimization program
  • Re-Use | Define and track results

Portfolio and Program Management

  • Planning | Capture & prioritize demand
  • Execution | Lead consistent delivery
  • Benefits | Connect to measurable outcomes
  • Optimize | Manage portfolio puts/takes

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Initially defining clear targets, we set stretch goals and establish an execution framework to identify, implement, and capture improvements delivering predictable, measurable results
We demystify RPA and deliver practical results both top-down, launching the program Center of Excellence, and bottom-up, coordinating process heatmapping, harvest, and adoption.
Capture full line of sight to project and resource demands while establishing a structure to diposition all requests across the organization. Strealine project intake and planning by accepting the best portfolio to drive businesss value and strategy.
Establish a control center focused on enabling the value delivery of critical initiatives and portfolios. Bring together the best mix of capabilities to lead change, align stakeholders, and support measurable outcomes.


Value and Mission

The utility industry is changing – dramatically. And yet, the expectations for safe, reliable, and affordable service are at their highest. Utiligys brings not only a vision to delivery change, but also blueprints based on industry knowledge and experience helping leaders architect then deliver critical change in this climate.


Our leaders and team are steeped in the industry, working both as and for utility executives.


It takes true experience to effectively stand up, support, and deliver crucial change strategies in 100+ year old regulated industry, demanding highest levels of safety, security and reliablity – while optimizing costs.

Blueprints & enablement

While we have the scars and experience, we learn fast to benefit our clients bringing to bear our strategic execution framework, change process blueprints, and technology accelerators.

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